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3 June 2003

CPhone version 0.3.0 released!

Here is what everyone has been waiting for! The release of CPhone version 0.3.0. Suitable for all your cross platform IP Telephony needs. Download, compile and enjoy.
Note: This release requires OpenH323 1.12.0 or greater and pwlib 1.5.0 or greater.

21 May 2003

Work is progressing on CPhone.

CPhone now works with QT3.x or greater, and the current CVS version of OpenH323. If you want to play with CPhone, currently the best option is to use the CVS version. We will make a release version shortly.

13 May 2002

Move to SourceForge complete!

CPhone was originally developed at Indranet Technologies Ltd. Now, it has been released opensource.

13 May 2002


Thanks to Indranet Technologies Ltd for supplying the support to make CPhone possible.

Thanks to Craig Southeren, and Robert Jongbloed of Post Increment Software, Consulting and Services for supplying the H323 libraries open source, and providing useful suggestions for some coding problems.

Building CPhone

MAKE certain that you have version 3.x (or later) of QT installed on your system and a current version of pwlib and OpenH323.
The CVS version of cphone requires a version of OpenH323 greater than 1.9.5 and a version of pwlib greater than 1.3.5 (2003-05-20: Currently that means that you must use a CVS version of openh323 and pwlib)

Follow the instructions in tha tar balls, and build pwlib, then openh323.
With one exception, you need to turn off memory checking in pwlib+openh323.
To turn off memory checking in pwlib+openh323, just
run the optimised (or release) version of the pwlib+openh323 libraries.
if you want to run the debug version of the pwlib+openh323 libraries,
you can remove the define MEMORY_CHECK from the windows project files for these libraries,
and under unix, you can do "export MEMORY_CHECK=0" before issuing the make debug command.

You can get more detail at the source for the pwlib+openh323 code, at pwlib+openh323 homepage.

If you get some weird error on building these libraries, search the faq

Build cphone by following the same procedure as for building ohphone, on the pwlib+openh323 site.